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But I was Not Alone When Writing the Book... My God was by My Side... I am Absolutely Confident in This Truth... And Here is One Reason Why I am so Confident about This... Well, I Just Could Not be Able to Write it on My Own... I Would Never Cope with This Task Myself... And Here is One Reason Why I Think This Way Now... I Just Could Not Imagine All This by Myself... Well, I Have No Such an Imagination At All... Rather, I Have a Very Good Imagination... My God Endowed Me with a Very Good Imagination since I was a Child... But I Would Not be Able to Come Up with All This by Myself... To Imagine Absolutely Every Algorithm of Life One Can Think of... I Just Know It Well About Myself... I Could Not Imagine All This in Such a Detail by Myself...

I Just Could Not Fit It All Under The Bible and The Quran in General... When I Wrote My Book, I Was Not Familiar With These Works of Human Thought... My Book Contains Weird and Unimaginable Similarities with Them... Rather, Here is Something I Shall Say on This Matter... Well, I was Just Terrified When I Read The Bible and The Quran More Than Once... I Read Separate Fragments of The Bible and The Quran Many Times... And I was Amazed to Find This Inexplicability... I Just Saw That My Book Perfectly Laid Over Them... The Eternal Gospel Really Perfectly Laid Over The Bible and The Quran... The Bible and The Quran Have Become a Great Basis For It... That is, These Two Books Turned Out Mysterious for Mankind... Nevertheless, I Managed to Read Their Secret Code... I Somehow Solved Their Mystery... It is Wonderful... I Suddenly Got Inexplicable Coincidences... I Somehow Combined These Two Books of All Mankind... I Just Found Many Things in Common... My Book, the Eternal Gospel, Somehow Managed to Decipher Them Right Away... If You Do Not Believe Me, Try to Find These Mismatches Yourself... These Inconsistencies Between the Eternal Gospel and The Bible and The Quran... I Just Got a Stunning Picture... I Just Got an Unimaginable Picture Upon Writing the Eternal Gospel ... The Divine Design in the Creation of the World Has Become Clear to Me... I clearly Imagined the Main Characters of This World... My Book Shall Be The Key to Understanding These Two Books... The Bible and the Quran Cannot Be Completely Understood Without Understanding the Eternal Gospel - ...  The Eternal Gospel - Is The Key to Them... Only Using This Key Shall Make it Possible to Understand All That Information From God... All That Information That God Gave Us in The Bible and The Quran... Honestly, I Do Not Understand All This Non-Bullshit... That Non-Bullshit That Is Embedded in The Bible and The Quran... Since I am Convinced That The Bible and The Quran Contain a Piece of Hollow Information As Well... The Bible and The Quran Were Many Times Rewritten by Simple Mortals and Sinners... Their Level of Intelligence Apparently Affected the Content of Both Books... I Would Like To Conclude That My Book is Written By Me For Some Reason... Apparently the Lord God Considered It Necessary For Me... The Lord God Somehow Chose Me For This Mission... I Do Not Completely Understand This His Plan... But Now I Am Convinced Only In The Following... I Am Convinced That This Book Was Not Written By Me... I Wrote Down This Book With My Own Hand... I Just Have Other Evidence of the Divine Origin of This Book... This is Absolutely Clear To Me... This Book Was Written For Mankind As Well... The Lord God Apparently Had Such Plan For Me... So That I Could Publish This Book In Due Time... And This Time Has Already Come... I Would Like To Say a Few Words About the Purpose of This Book... I Wrote My Book in a Simple Language For People To Understand... There Are No Ambiguities in My Book... Absolutely Any Sane Person Can Understand My Book... My Book Is Not Meant For Everybody... Only Those Who Are Destined For It Shall Read My Book... Honestly, I Do Not Really Care About This... Well, I Suffered a Great Deal With My Book... Well, It Was Not Easy For Me To Write It Down... I Just Want To Get It Out of My Head... I Want To Forget and Stop Constantly Thinking About It... This Publication of My Book on the Internet Shall Help... However, I Do Not Mind Printing It As Well... Time Shall Tell Us About Further Events in This World... I Just Want to Formulate the Purpose of This Book In Conclusion... Apparently, This Book is The Last Word of God for People... Most Likely, This Book of Mine Shall Not Be Continued... It Seems To Me That This Book is The Final Story of God... God Has Already Said Everything In My Book... Well, in an Absolutely Accessible Form, The Lord God Has Already Said Everything in My Book... I Shall Not Continue My Work On This Book... This Revelation of God for People is Final... The Lord God Shall Not Explain Anything Else... There is No Reason For This... My Book Can Be Even Considered Prophetic... The Lord God Clearly Expressed His Thought to Me... My Book is the Final and Eternal Word of God... My Book Is Just a Sentence For All Mankind...


Leonid Tupoy




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